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Popular routes up to Nine Standards Rigg

The following choices depend on the time you have available, the fitness of party members, and possibly the weather conditions. They assume you will want to walk most, if not all, the way. The distances and elevations are approximate; for details of views, surroundings and existing paths, use 1:25,000 OS map Explorer OL19.

The Classic Approach, from Kirkby Stephen.
Starting at Franks Bridge, Kirkby Stephen at NY777087 and 165m elevation, you can either go through Hartley village and up the fell road past the quarry towards Fell House, or make your way past NY785072 and Ewebank Scar to Ladthwaite; both routes then go up Hartley Fell and Faraday Gill to Nine Standards (9S) at NY824066 and 650m elevation. Length of walk about 6km, total climb 485m.  Nine Standards are visible much of the way. Respect the privacy of Fell House and Ladthwaite.
The Tailbrigg Approach, from B6270 the Nateby to Reeth road.
Start at the Bridleway signpost NY809043 at 510m elevation; follow the track roughly NNE past the head of Dukerdale crossing Rigg Beck; climb to the cairn at NY817058, then on to the panorama cairn at NY824064 where you first see Nine Standards; distance 3km, total climb 140m. In bad weather with low cloud and poor visibility, you will need a compass for the last section. A quick and easy route, if you know where you are going.
The Birkdale Common Approach, along Coldbergh Edge
From the Nateby/Reeth road B6270 at NY831028 at 460m elevation, climb up to NY836028 at 510m; head NNW along Coldbergh Edge to 9S at NY824066 and 650m elevation. Total distance 5km, total climb 190m. Good views much of the way.
The Ravenseat Approach, up Whitsun Dale
From Ravenseat at NY862034 at 400m elevation, take the path roughly NNW and N up the west side of Whitsun Dale to NY846054; turn WNW up Davy Mea to 9S Rigg at 650m. Total distance 7km, total climb 250m.
The Tan Hill Approach, along the watershed.
From the Tan Hill road at NY877085 at elevation 490m, start along the old mine road, then head WSW along the watershed, SW to Brownber Tarn at NY857068 about 3km, then along Brownber Edge W another 3.5km to 9S. Total distance 6.5km, total climb 160m. No path, rough going.
Health and safety - stay on any existing tracks; take two compasses, a mobile phone and (if you have it) a GPS. Plus warm and waterproof gear, with food and drink of course.  
Disabled access - if you are serious, contact Pennine Helicopters Ltd on to discuss requirements. They do charter flights in the Manchester and Dales areas, and they do have disabled facilities. There may be other such firms, if you ask around. Don't expect to land up there and be able to get around in a wheelchair as the ground is stoney and very uneven. But if you are mad for it, it has to be worth a phone call or two. We are currently investigating other routes to allow disabled access which, hopefully, will be more easily available in the future.

Coloured oblique aerial photograph courtesy of Simon Ledingham, 2005 © (before the rebuild of some of the cairns)

We already have quite a few friends who are helping with the project but more needed - please see the friends page for more information about becoming a friend or helping with the project.

To see copies of the original documents mentioned on the History page, see the documents page.

To read an exploration of the linguistic background of Nine Standards, see the what's in a name page.

There are quite a few old maps which mention Nine Standards and these can be found on the mapspage.

Nine Standards is a wonderfully photogenic place from any angle and we have added photographs to many of the pages of this website.


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